View Media Group acquires The Today Business

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The rapid expansion of View Media Group (VMG) continues with the acquisition of leading proptech company The Today Business (TTB).

The Today Business was founded four years ago, delivering market-leading digital marketing and technology solutions for the property development sector and the residential real estate market.

VMG Executive Chairman Antony Catalano said: “The transaction brings not only Australia's best lead-generation platform into the group but a team of people that are the best in the business, led by experienced real estate tech executives Simon Kent and Trent Casson.”

“The tech within TTB has proven itself by delivering high volumes of quality leads for residential agents and developers with minimal wastage. They’ve succeeded in creating a low friction solution for agents and vendors to efficiently connect to buyers wherever and whenever they are.”

“This is a critical part of the property ecosystem we are building at VMG as it establishes relationships at both ends of the property sales transaction.”

The full acquisition of TTB for an undisclosed amount, continues VMG’s rapid expansion and positions itself as a major player in Australia’s highly competitive and lucrative real estate media and technology sector.

In addition to the TTB acquisition, VMG now owns 72 per cent of Australia’s 3rd largest property portal, a shareholding in utilities connections platform Beevo and is the largest shareholder of leading data and AI business Propic.

VMG recently announced an investment from Seven West Media group, which when combined with investments from Antony Catalano & Alex Waislitz takes the cash and media available to VMG to well over $100 million.

The tie-up with SWM and Catalano & Waisltitz’s regional media company ACM, results in VMG reaching over 90% of the Australian population every month.

TTB Managing Director, Simon Kent said “We are thrilled to be joining VMG on what is an incredibly exciting path in front of us. Having worked with Antony for many years at Domain, and more recently as Chairman of TTB, we are fully on board with his vision for VMG and his approach is the perfect fit for our business and our growth plans.”

“The opportunity that VMG presents will not only help grow our business but the collective of associated businesses within the group will drive enhanced value and importantly end-to-end seamless solutions for our clients and property buyers.”

TTB General Manager, Trent Casson said “We’ve had extraordinary growth over the past four years expanding our footprint from Melbourne to Sydney and more recently into Brisbane. The take up of our proprietary digital marketing solutions has gained great momentum.”

“The challenging market conditions of the last few years has taught us that an agent's digital acquisition strategy needs to be at the forefront of their thinking. This has really sharpened our focus and that of our clients and partners.”

“The highly effective platform we built called Acquire is our performance marketing solution that can be white labelled and fully integrated within a residential agent’s website and CRM to automate vendor campaigns, agent branding campaigns and project marketing campaigns.”

“It helps agents not only find potential buyers but critically find their next listing as well, complementing the traditional portal strategy and ensuring that the total potential buyer pool is reached in every campaign.’

“Being part of VMG has come at an opportune time for TTB. Having access to the collective power of the group will accelerate our strategic plan and ensure our clients benefit directly in ways which we believe makes us a much more interesting proposition to our customer base”.

“Simon and I look forward to working with Antony, Alex Waislitz, Seven West Media and of course the other businesses in the group, some of which we are already working with.” Casson finished.

TTB currently provides performance marketing support for and has an exclusive arrangement with Propic/Concierge as part of the Acquire AI solution. They also provide performance marketing services for ACM.

Catalano said, “I’m personally really looking forward to Simon and Trent joining the VMG Executive team and bringing their wealth of experience in the property sector to VMG and the businesses within it.”

“This is the first of many announcements VMG expects to make as we continue to build out our property ecosystem that will push hard into the $300 billion real estate transactional market.”

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